News Flash: Coffee Is Good For You

Women and Coffee, Coffee Health BenefitsFor years the impact coffee has on our health has received mostly bad press, albeit uninformed, as convincing research has been scarce at best. With coffee being the second most traded commodity after oil, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world was deaf to the press. 

Good news though, valid research conducted over many years with large groups of women under scientifically controlled conditions has been making news now for the last couple of years. More is appearing each month. In short, coffee has an array of beneficial effects on the health of women and on your body in general. Also, it helps prevent or delay many of the medical conditions of concern to an aging population. More on coffee health benefits.

Coffee Education

Coffee health benefits to women and familiesTo help you make informed choices about the coffee you drink and to add a little interest in learning about coffee, we have a number of tools to help you, for instance:  where coffee comes from, coffee types and characteristics to the range of coffee’s medical benefits, particularly regarding women's health. Check them out here:

Hey Ladies! Help your family understand coffee health benefits, adopt a healthy coffee lifestyle, and help the planet too!

Important Choices for Your Family

Women and coffee benefits in the supermarketCoffee Mad recognizes that in most families the lady of the house, rightly or wrongly, has the most influence over the nutritional choices for the family. Ladies, we want to help you understand coffee health benefits and the choices available to you and your family. With a growing acute awareness on ‘organic’ issues, coffee too has an impact. Understanding the choices available to you, particularly at the supermarket, has never been more important for your health. Perhaps the most obvious thing on your mind is whether to choose the whole coffee bean or the grounds from a supermarket, simply because it's convenient. More about convenience here.

Kids, Coffee & Caffeine

Kids and coffee health, impact of caffeineHave you considered the debate concerning kids and coffee consumption, or rather caffeine consumption? Where do you stand? With so much press on the dangers of sugar laden drinks, attention may be directed more at the obesity issues in kids today rather than coffee or caffeine intake. Is your concern primarily centered on caffeine intake or other factors? Where else are your kids getting caffeine - sports and energy drinks perhaps? Are you concerned about kids and coffee intake? We have news for you on that too. More on Kids and caffeine.

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